Update: Jan 24

I didn’t set any resolutions for this year. Instead, I’m going to have a yearly theme. That theme is “Year of Mindfulness”. 1

But before I get into that I want to go over last year’s (unreached) goals.

I watched 68 movies (the goal was 100), and at least some of those are re-watches (I’ve seen Black Panther like three or four times).

I read 15 books (the goal was 25). None of these were re-reads though.

I didn’t post as much as I planned here. Nor did I do much work outside of… well — work.

My problem with goals is that I abandon them as soon as I encounter the first slip-up. If I’m behind the @year_progress account, I lose all steam and just switch to TV shows because there’s “no way I’ll catch up”. Same with books. Same with any blogging/writing/filming goals I set for myself.

So, this year, instead of trying to force myself to reach some sort of quota, I’m going to be more mindful of what I’m doing at any given moment and why I have the tendency to stop, drop, and go die in a hole any time I’m not meeting my own expectations for myself.

  1. Yes, I got the idea from the Cortex podcast.

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