It’s been 9 days since I was supposed to post something to this blog, but as I’ve said, I’m not very good with self imposed deadlines. What was supposed to be a chill, motivational project just to get me away from twitter/tumblr/YouTube for an hour every two weeks turned into being just another boring box in my to-do list. I’ve nothing to write about, so random updates:

  • I didn’t get either one of the two new Kanye West songs, but having listened to the lyrics in Only One I’m starting to like it.
  • 7/12 of my Grammy Predictions were correct. Sam Smith wins everything; Kendrick gets best Rap Song. Surprise of the year: Tenacious D gets “Best Metal Performance” lol.
  • Yesterday I went on a drive with Hellen and we went to a film-studio castle-thing to take pictures
  • I suck at taking pictures




  • I always look stupid on pictures.




I was trying to on this one, but of the 12 pictures I’m in, this is the least stupid face, so…

That’s it. I’m throwing the 500-word minimum out of the window with the rest of my NY resolutions. See you whenever.

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