(Where to) Discover New Music

Music has always been an important part of my life. I grew up in a household where music was always playing on the stereo. I was encouraged to pursue a musical instrument at an early age (I play drums, and how I started is a topic for a whole other blog post). If there was ever a CD or cassette that I wanted, I would inevitably get it. Music, like books, was one of the few things in my childhood that was completely uncensored.

Growing up, I obviously went through all the stages of “appreciating music”. There was the “I want to fit in” phase, the “I want to stand out” phase, the “I want to listen to stuff I actually like” phase, and the “Linking Park gets me” phrase. With all the free time and friends I had in school, finding new music was easy. I had a tightly-knit group of like-minded friends, and we would share albums, songs, and artists we liked and admired. Since then, though, I’ve had very little of that in my life, so music discovery (when I had time for it) became a little more tedious.

Bellow are some of my favorite recourses for discovering new music:

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