Sziget 2017

4 thoughts on “Sziget 2017”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! To many more years and kept promises!
    I can’t wait to hear some of these tunes. I am completely illiterate in music. I just stick to the couple of artists I know and don’t explore much. So I very much appreciate the recommendations.
    The important question is: Are you saying that there is no Nutella in Ukraine? Did I get that right?

      1. Oh. Good I thought so. I’ve actually never seen the second Nutella thingy. You sound like a hardcore fan. hahaha. I suppose you know Napoli food porn? They’re videos on facebook give me diabetes.

        1. I try to stay away from them because all they do is make me feel like an incompetent person who can’t cook. Anytime I try it’s like those “Pinterest VS Real Life” memes.

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