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Summer So Far

The last thing I remember was taking the subway home from the office and being astounded by a woman eating popcorn out of a bag with her bare hands, occasionally holding onto the railing, as everyone around her (including me) was wearing a face mask.

That was in the middle of March, before cases skyrocketed in Ukraine1 and the whole country was quarantined. Now it’s the middle of July and going outside feels weird. I missed a whole season. The calendar says “Summer” but I didn’t get a spring and so now my internal clock is all messed up.

I started inline skating. I dyed my hair green. I deactivated Twitter. I confirmed my suspicion that I hate offices and that working from home is a totally viable option for me. I’ve decided to relax about what all this2 means and just blog from my phone.

Nothing matters, but I still want a record of it.

Spotify is finally available in Ukraine, and that means that I have access to a bunch of cool playlists from some of my favorite online people. Plus, I get to contribute some of my own. Here’s my “Calm the Fuck Down” playlist. It’s a nice, tight 14 minutes3. It goes from an angsty OK Go song to some chill Mac DeMarco songs via one uplifting Modest Mouse song. I like it. It helps.

Leave me a link to your favorite playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

A bientôt.

  1. we have a very modest rocket here, so it’s not that scary, but I still went full-quarantine and stayed home.
  2. my blog, this website
  3. 1 minute to turn it on + 14 minutes of listening = 15 minute meditation/break/angry walk

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