Hellen and I have decided that each of us is going to blog at least twice a month. It’s a half-hearted attempt to “make it big” and a whole-hearted attempt to actually start doing something about our hobbies and interests. I’m bad with schedules; I always have been. I feel that they lock me down into a routine. Not only do the schedule exactly when I’m supposed to be doing something, but they also, inherently, schedule at what time I’m going to be avoiding doing something (#Procrastination). Throughout the years there have been many people who have hailed ‘scheduling’ as the #1 key to success. I generally believe that this many people can’t all be wrong at the same time, but I’ve been proven wrong regarding this too many times. I’m still going to give it a try.

My guess is that you’re only supposed to schedule the things you do until they become a habit. You schedule ‘twice a month’ until you can change it to ‘whenever I feel like it’, where that will actually mean ‘twice a month’. So, you schedule until it becomes natural, and when it becomes natural you begin to schedule in something else.
I really like reading about how other people work, what ‘productivity hacks’ they prefer to use, how they keep themselves motivated, what tools they use to go about their business. More often than not I take it the wrong way and begin to believe that what’s stopping me from doing my thing is the lack of the aforementioned tools, but we all know the truth here. I’m just lazy.
How has Woody Allen been able to make a film every year for so many years in a row? How does Louis CK come up with his stand-up routines along with making his own show? My guess is that they have a system, and now the time has come for me to make a system of my own.
  • Blog twice a month.
  • Write 500-words or more for each post.
  • Include at least one photo I took with each post.
  • Make $50 on this blog by the end of 2015.
2015 started with a mild hangover for me and a fierce one for Hellen. (c)

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