My Glorious Comeback

Hi, I’m making a glorious comeback. This is FFSAnton season 2 — now with regular episodes.

I’ve been away for a while. While none of you care, it’s still important for me to explain why.
The main reason is that I was stressed. I was stressed as fuck. Since my last post I’ve changed my job, moved house, took countless trips to “the void” (coming out damaged and stressed more than ever before), started seeing a shrink, and saved enough money to pay for a very long period of rent only to burn through it in two weeks. Sounds exciting, right?

What’s coming

I’ll be starting a new series of posts called “What’s the Deal With X” which is going to be the most boring thing ever, as it’s just me trying to explain why I like the things I like (movies, bands, authors, etc.). Every “How to Blog” article I’ve read warns against doing that, but I want to, so I’m gonna.
I’ll write about how cool it is to have a shrink.
I’ll tell you how to make the perfect playlist and share some of my own, which are far from perfect.
I’ll tell you about how to choose the perfect set of movies for a movie marathon with your SO, friends, coworkers, or family.
I’ll post pointless 300-word stories just to keep on schedule while I’m procrastinating on posts someone might actually want to read.

Great! But when?

Patience grasshopper. I really don’t know. I’ve “rebooted” this blog like 26,000 times. One of them is bound to stick, and I hope it’s this one.
Other than that — if all goes according to plan you’ll start seeing bi-weekly posts in August and September, then again in November and December.

That’s what you said last time.

And you believed me then and you’ll believe in me now.

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