Lviv: Weekend 1, Day 1 — Morning

Hellen’s best friend is getting married on the 16th of May (this upcoming weekend). Why she’s doing it is beyond me, but it’s not my place to judge. The wedding is happening, and both Hellen and I are going.
This weekend Hellen had to go to a bachelorette party, and an hour before her train left she offered me to go with her and I agreed. Tickets were bought last minute, bags were packed last minute, a cab was ordered, and we got to the train station literally two minutes before the train started moving. Look at me being hella spontaneous and adventurous!

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When we bought tickets for the train it looked like we would be the only people in the compartment, but apparently we’re not the only spontaneous people on the planet (go figure…). A mother and her 7 (or 8?) year old child had the bottom beds in the compartment. Naturally, both Hellen and I experienced astounding amounts of frustration and disappointment about the fact that we’d have to spend 7 hours in an enclosed space with a child, but damn were our expectations subverted.
The kid was silent for pretty much the whole 7 hours. He basically went to bed 20 minutes in to the trip and was really quiet when he got up in the morning. You go kid!
The problem was the fucking mum. The kid is an angel, but his mum would constantly snap at him, tell him to “be quiet” (how much more quiet could he get?!), boss him around, and just criticize whatever he was doing. She was loud, obnoxious, and so rude. The kid woke up at 6 in the morning, tried to wake her up (cuz the train was about to arrive to Lviv), and she basically swore at him to shut him up and stayed in bed all through the last 30 min of the trip, and was still in bed when Hellen and I left. Who knows for how long they stayed there after, and how that kid’s life is going to turn out. He’ll definitely have issues. Poor kid.
The spontaneity of the trip doesn’t stop there! Because we had a hostel booked, our room didn’t have its own shower, and after 7 hours on the train and nearly 20 hours without a shower that wasn’t something I was okay with. Last minute, we canceled our booking at the hostel and checked in at the Wiener hotel, which is smack down in the middle of Lviv. It was an unexpected expenditure, but definitely worth it.


We had breakfast at Kryivka, a must-go to anyone visiting Lviv. It’s a Ukrainian Insurgent Army themed place with an abundance of guerrilla warfare paraphernalia and waiters who joke about the Russian oppressors, offering baked, fried, roasted, and grilled Russians. It’s as fun and awesome as it sounds. For $5 Hellen and I had enough food to make us feel full until 6PM.

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