Lviv: Weekend 1, Day 1 & 2

Between going to kryivka and checking into our hotel Hellen and I went to the Lviv Coffee Manufacture café. We sat on the terrace outside at one of the small round tables. When they brought out my tiny espresso and pastry I couldn’t help but feel like I was sorta-kinda in Paris again. I’d return to that cafe two more times while in Lviv, just because I really miss Paris and that’s as close as I can get to the feeling at the moment.

The whole trip to Lviv was pretty close to “almost Paris” for me in many ways. I was tired most of the time (trains aren’t really fun now that I’m 21 and not 15), the evenings were rainy, and while Hellen was at the bachelorette party I got to experience the whole “wandering around in a newish city alone” feeling again. Nostalgia is the worst, but because it’s memories of Paris it’s more or less tolerable.

Other than Kryivka and Lviv Coffee Manufacture café it’s definitely worth going to Mons Pius and Mazoh. The first is a roomy, old-looking, but very stylish beer and steak place. The second is a S&M themed restaurant with “meh” food, but 7 pages worth of different drinks and cocktails.


That was one of the things Hellen and I discovered — Lviv isn’t really a food place anymore, and it’s much more of a drinks and snacks place now. And coffee. So much good coffee.

And that’s that. I’m not really good with writing “Part 2” posts. I get lazy.

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