Kanye isn’t the MAGA crowd’s “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

Kanye has been tweeting some crazy shit. So much, that I’ve had to unfollow him because it’s even more disappointing than the new Arctic Monkeys album.

Kanye tweeting crap before an album release is nothing new. That much has been established and agreed upon by1 everyone. This particular “phase” of Kanye is particularly troubling though. I’m not blaming him for anything or trying to defend his “free thinking.” Just trying to figure out how I feel about it and also trying to show that Kanye has always been Kanye.

Kanye has always been Kanye

He’s always said what he thinks without filtering it. Sometimes it was good:

Other times it was scandalous:

And sometimes it was this:

But through it all—Kanye has always been Kanye. You never know what to expect from him, but you can always expect it to be exactly what he thinks.

This idea isn’t new for Kanye

This whole shit isn’t something new that Kanye just came up with out of the blue. Without context, it does seem like an asinine statement, but with context of Kanye’s previous songs, lyrics, performances you can get what he’s trying (and failing) to say.

Exhibit 1: During his SNL performance Kanye changed the “fuck SNL and their whole cast” verse to something entirely different:

This is the first piece in Kanye’s crazy-statement puzzle. You can see that the ideas of “free thinking” and “they’re controlling your mind” and “if you ain’t f’n the system then why the f is you livin’” are entering his overall thinking.

Exhibit 2:

Pretty self-explanatory.

Exhibit 3:

All the tweets about “free thinking” and “spreading love.” With all his output he seems (to me) to be trying to be “above” the differences between left-wing and right-wing people as well as white people and marginalized people. But… Nobody except rich people can live outside of the context of the political climate and systematic oppression in a country.

The contradiction within it all

What baffles me most about Kanye is the contradiction of what he seems to be saying. On the one hand he’s saying “slavery is a choice” which is INSANE. It isn’t a choice. You can argue that people need to “free their minds” and roam above the shitshow happening around them, but how can you do that when you’ve been talking about systematic oppression and the for-profit prison business on your previous album? What kind of mental gymnastics do you go through to do that?

But that’s not even the problem. Kanye is just one dude making art and tweeting stupid shit.

The Actual Problem

The actual problem is that the MAGA crowd think Kanye is somehow on their side and are retweeting and boosting his “message” across all their channels like he’s their new token POC supporter. Meanwhile, left-wing white people are busy criticizing Kanye instead of trying to explain that he’s not their new red pill convert.

I’m sure Kanye’s not supporting the MAGA crowd, and I’m sure they’re wrong in thinking that he does. I’m sure he made a huge mess, but he doesn’t care that much about it. Finally, I’m sure click-thirsty publications are only amplifying the damage.

Finally, here’s how Non-black people can talk about Kanye while staying in their lane. It’s not about him. This shit is never about him. It’s always about preventing the bigots from using his words to cloak their bigotry and racism.

1) Kanye doesn’t mean what you think he means.

2) If you’re racist and bigoted, you’re still racist and bigoted no matter who agrees 2 with you.

P.S. I miss the old Kanye.

  1. nearly

  2. or seems to agree

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