I’ve Figured Weekends Out

I’m almost 22, but I’ve only just figured out that going out and doing things on weekends is far more memorable and relaxing than staying at home for 48 hours trying to ‘rest’. This is probably pretty obvious, I just never got the memo until the opportunity came up to go to some free shows and borrow a car to go on a mini road-trip. Having a new hobby (I’m getting somewhat obsessed with Instagram, does that count?) also helps.

Three weeks ago, on Saturday, Hellen, Sandra, and I got hooked up with tickets to a shadow show. It sounds fancier than it is, but it got us all smart-casual and downtown at the theater. The shadow ballet (or whatever it’s called) looks impressive when it’s a 5-minute montage on YouTube, but when you have to sit through almost an hour and a half of this shit it gets tedious. What made it worse was that their last segment was dedicated to the revolution on Maidan. It was tacky and annoying. More on that in a different blog post.


The Saturday after that we got to see hear some live orchestra music at the organ hall in Kyiv. The place is pretty as hell both inside and out, and even though I’m not a fan of symphonies and orchestras, I found the whole experience to be very relaxing. This show, too, had a whole segment dedicated to the revolution. More on that in a separate blog post.

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Other than these two events, most of my weekends were spent watching movies and going out to take pictures. I’ve been becoming more and more obsessed with Instagram lately, and now that I’ve gotten more people around me into it we have photo-taking trips every once in a while.
On Sunday, two weeks ago, we decided to go to an abandoned bobsleigh track about 30km outside of Kyiv. I borrowed my mum’s car and went.

The bobsleigh track was built a while ago (back in the USSR), and when shit hit the fan politically, the place was abandoned (early 90’s). Then, in 93 the whole bobsleigh track burnt down. “Local legend” has it that some kid died while riding in the track, and his angry mother burned the place down. The second theory is that since there were no guards there since 92, the place got burnt down by some kids that were up to no good. Either way, it gave me a reason to get out of the house and it looks hella cool.

22 years in, and I’ve finally figured out that going out and doing something fun is far more relaxing than staying at home. Having stayed at home for 48 hours this past weekend I can say that the weekend was wasted. I might have slept well, but other than watching The Imitation Game, Raised by Wolves, and some other activities here and there, the weekend didn’t leave me with much to remember.

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