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Enough with the Immaterial Labor

I hate the world “content” and I feel stupid for not realizing this earlier, but there’s a big difference between making things and running social media accounts. It sounds painfully obvious now, but for more than a decade I hadn’t quite connected the dots in my head.

When I was writing things at school it was for school. When I was making short films at uni it was for uni. When I’m working as a copywriter for an IT company I’m creating “content” for their blog, their Facebook, their Medium, their Twitter.

So it kinda makes sense that when I’m taking pictures I’m doing it for Instagram and when I’m thinking of making videos, I’m thinking about it in terms of putting them on YouTube. Which is why I don’t do either one of those things. I post things here, but that, too, feels different now.

I guess this is a thought that was slowly building up in the back of my mind for a while now. It crystalized on Sunday when I was switching from one to-do list app to another 1 and it finally clicked that “creative work” and “running my social media accounts” should be two different projects in the app.

Coincidentally, I woke up on Monday morning and found this video in my YouTube Subscriptions:

Connie Glynn explores the ways in which social media has turned from a place to be social into a place to be doing constant immaterial labor (content creation) that only the platforms and advertisers benefit from. #AdventuresInCapitalism

No amount of content is going to be enough to fill the void.

I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to quit using these social networks, but I’ve realized (and what’s more—been able to internalize) that they’re not really bringing me that much benefit and I should be focusing more on other things. Writing. Making music with my friends. Reading books. You know—carping the diums and whatnot.

  1. which I do way more often than I should, but whatever

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