The Plan

I hate writing about my plans online. I love doing it, but I hate the way it feels. This blog alone (and this is what, my 10th-ish blog?) has had at least three “I’m getting back to blogging” posts. Sometimes it’s just the only thing I can muster. I have the ambition to do something, … Continue reading The Plan

24 | Take 2

I turned 24 a month ago. I had something written that I was going to post on my birthday. It was about how this past year was probably the most difficult one in my life; how despite things being “objectively good” I felt lower than I’ve ever felt, mentally. And I feel like there might … Continue reading 24 | Take 2

Sziget 2017

I came back from Sziget last week and then proceeded to be sick, celebrate my birthday in bed, and then celebrate my birthday with my family (which was a weekend full of capital D Drama). My nine-to-five has started and university is about to start, but I’ve told too many people that I would write … Continue reading Sziget 2017