Kanye X The Office (US)

Kanye albums described by The Office 😂 pic.twitter.com/klUzGNiVPJ — Kanye The Best (@kanye_the_best) March 22, 2018 I can’t think of a better description of the discography of Kanye West. Honestly. I’ve read hundreds of articles about his discography and career, watched countless “Worst to Best of Kanye West” videos, done every Kanye Madness bracket, and … Continue reading Kanye X The Office (US)

Stop Taking those F’n Facebook Quizzes

Everyone’s (least) favorite social network has been a very useful tool for bamboozling the US to elect a certified idiot as president. The fact that there’s ties between aggressive pro-Trump advertising and Russia has been written about ad infinitum, but now there’s more. A phony “research center” from “Cambridge” literally took information from millions of Facebook … Continue reading Stop Taking those F’n Facebook Quizzes

Listen to this: Bo Burnham on You Made it Weird

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes: Bo Burnham #3 https://overcast.fm/+HGWMiEc It’s a three hour conversation, which is about 6 times longer than the average podcast episode I listen to, but it’s such a great conversation. It’s the type of conversation that seems to cover everything, even though it’s not really focused on anything at … Continue reading Listen to this: Bo Burnham on You Made it Weird