Blogging Sopranos: s01e05

I haven’t done this in a while. Like, I purposely didn’t watch any Sopranos for more than a week because I didn’t want the burden of having to write about this. But, speaking of not doing things for a while: Tony Soprano murdering people!

The whole episode revolves around two stories: the “will they won’t they” of Carmela and the priest and Tony’s witness protection ghost from the past. And TBH, neither one of the storylines appealed to me, but both were written so well and filmed so thoughtfully that I couldn’t look away. After the shrink called in? I was sure it was leaning towards “they will” not “they won’t”. But, what do you know, catholic guilt, family values, and whatever other social pressures there may be weigh more when they’re on a woman’s shoulders. They didn’t. And, I mean, that’s a very good way of establishing the “good person” in the marriage.

Season 1 Episode 5 Rating: 4/5

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