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It’ll probably not happen anytime ever, but I’ve changed how I’m naming these posts so that they might show up for someone trying to Download Sopranos s01e04 or watch Sopranos s01e04 online and the end up here reading my shitty episode recap thing. GO BUY THE SEASON OR STREAM IT ON A PAID SERVICE! I’m sure HBO doesn’t exactly need your money, but get into the habit of paying for your art. 1

Anyway, things are going up again in terms of quality. It was funny seeing what a nightmare for Tony looks like. 2 The Family is going through changes and there’s some real mafia status wars going on after the death of the current big boss. Tony is in charge, but Jr has the title. That’s some Machiavellian scheming and I am here for that kind of shit.

Tony’s kid finds out about his dad being in the mafia. That’s going to be an interesting subplot if it goes anywhere in the future. I like the kid, and it would be interesting to see how he acts knowing what he knows. I hope he becomes super humble about it, but I suspect that won’t be the case.

Now, about Tony’s nightmare and how I related to it.

I have trust issues and a higher-than-normal need for and appreciation of privacy. When I 18 and still living at home my mum went through my diary. That sort of private-space breach is toxic AF and kinda fucked me up. I don’t keep a paper journal anymore, and pretty much anything I write down about my life I write in some app that has at least a global password lock and maybe also individual passwords for extra-sensitive notes. So the horror Tony felt seeing his mother is his therapist? Yeah. That struck a chord.

Season 1 Episode 4 rating: 4/5

  1. unless it was made by some rapist or industry douche. In that case download it and don’t talk about it online to reduce that dickwad’s exposure
  2. seeing everyone find out he sees a therapist AND THEN ALSO HIS THERAPIST IS HIS MOTHER

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