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I gotta make some rules for this whole thing. Mostly I’m wondering whether I have to write a post for every single episode right after I watch it, or if it’s okay to watch two episodes in a row and then combine them. It’s 11PM after a long day 1 and I don’t have it in me to really go in on this episode. I don’t want to break the streak, though, because I’m the one they say “give them an inch” about when it comes to excuses to not write or to not do something consistently.

So here I am.

So far, this is my least favorite episode. Tony is dealing with a friend’s cancer treatment and what seems like their imminent death. He’s not dealing with it well. It really fucks with him. He sees hidden meanings in paintings and all his thoughts seem to be about death. I’ve never been in this situation, but I would think if I was a mafia kingpin type of person who has definitely, at some point, lost people because of “business” I’d be more… IDK… accustomed to the idea of people dying.

Then again, this does get addressed in the episode. Tony does point out that dying for a cause is normal. He seems to be struggling with the helplessness of his friend; the fact that this disease is beyond anyone’s control. It just is. It’s a rot inside that you can’t do anything about.

Still, though. Maybe I’m numb, but I feel like Tony is way overreacting for someone his age.

Also, this episode has a directorial choice that really took me out of the show. There’s a story/relationship arc between Tony’s wife, Carmela, and the wife of the restaurant owner from the first episode. Luckily, to save me from writing about it I can show the video:

Like, the whole “gesturing to servants/maids” thing is so obvious. It’s so out there. Whereas in the previous two episodes the characters’ movements and what they signify was subtle—here it’s practically shoved into the viewers face. Like, “here, notice this!”

Season 1 Episode 3 Rating: 3/5

  1. I was out all day celebrating the gf’s birthday and it involved way more exercise than I would have liked, but we had fun. I am exhausted though.

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