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A Quick Review of a Few Movies

Ocean’s 8

A great movie to see in the cinema with some popcorn and a large Pepsi. It’s not shooting for the stars, but it does what it sets out to do well. The cast is amazing, the story is what you’d expect from an Ocean’s movie, and even when the scheme dips into some cliché-ish maneuvers they manage to make it entertaining. The most unrealistic thing about this movie is that Rihanna was at the Met Gala and she wasn’t the #MainEvent.


Skip this and wait for it to appear on Netflix. The best part of this movie is, obviously, Donald Glover, but if that’s what you’re after you’re better off watching Atlanta or Community.


This was somehow both more than I expected and somewhat of a disappointment? The big mystery of “WTF is happening?!” Is resolved about half way though so when the final act/scene strikes you with all the overwhelmingly beautiful visuals it feels empty and shallow.

Deadpool 2

I laughed out loud at the stupid jokes, grinned at all the appropriately placed 4th wall breaks and references, and got pretty much exactly what I wanted from this movie. What I liked most is that the story in the trailer and the story in the movie are completely different. GO TEAM X-FORCE!

Avengers: Infinity War

This movie sucked and if the next one isn’t called “Avengers: CMD+Z” I will be disappointed about the missed opportunity.

Altered Carbon

(Not a movie, but I need to talk about it.)

Look, I’m into cyberpunk stuff and people slashing other people with swords, so when I saw the trailer I was really excited. The first episode was great and set up a pretty exciting mystery set in (what seemed like) an elaborately constructed cyberpunk dystopia. BUT THEN with every episode the show got more and more obnoxious. I’ve seen better acting and character development in cheap Ukrainian soap TV shows.

Like with most Netflix shows, I feel like this could have been a much much more solid show if they cut the episode runtime from an hour to 30 minutes.

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