A List of Things Shy People Do

Presented without further commentary:

  • Sit quietly during a conversation between two other people, get overly excited about finally having something to say, break the flow of the conversation by piping up too late or too loud or with a story which is tangential at best.
  • Share something of huge importance offhandedly and feel disappointed that the underlying message was not received. This could be a song, a thought, a tweet.
  • Avoid social interactions out of disdain for “other people who are stupid”, but actually because they’re shy.
  • Condense thoughts to their most basic form before sharing with others.
  • Be confused about their place on the “introvert/extrovert” spectrum without any consideration (or realization) for their shyness.
  • Discover they’re shy at the age of 23 after reading a fucking book about being shy. WTF. Seriously.

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